Capture a loved ones favourite recipe and turn it into a family Heirloom.

What a treasured Keepsake to have your favourite family recipe etched into one of our Solid Wood cutting boards.

Now you can remember those sweet memories of your loved one for a lifetime.

These recipe boards make a unique cherished gift after the loss of a loved one, Bridal Showers, Weddings, Christmas, Housewarming and Birthdays. 

All of our recipe boards are created on solid Cherry and finished in our own Board Butter. 

Approximate Measurements 14" X 6" 


Handcrafted in St. Albert, Alberta

Recipe Board

Choose Your Style
  • All scanned recipes must be High Definition in black & white.

    If you have a back and front recipe, please combine the pictures into one and send the single picture.

    If sending a photo please follow the below steps:

    • Use the best available lighting, outdoors has the best natural light. Well lit recipes on unlined paper provide the best engraving.
    • Take the photo from directly above. If your photo is taken at an angle and the image is slanted in the photo, it will also be slanted on your board.
    • Do not hold the photo, lay it on a flat surface in a well lit area.
    • If it is not clear, we can’t use it. Make sure it is High Resolution and in focus. If the recipe is too light & you do not have a clear copy, we suggest making a photo copy of the recipe and outline the writing by hand with a black pen. You can then scan that recipe and email it to us. Any imperfections on your recipe may transfer onto the board.

    Predetermined Font: This board will be a generic font. Any errors in your spelling will not be altered. Please double check your spelling.

    Your Own Handwriting: Recipe must be clear and on unlined paper, if you wish for the lines to be visible on the board then lined paper is fine. If you would like the lines removed then please purchase Grandma’s Recipe.

    Grandma’s Recipe: Recipes that are on lined paper, have faded text, creased paper or are not clearly photographs, may not be suitable for the engraving process. If you have any questions regarding the viability of your recipe, please don’t hesitate to send us a message & a copy and we will be happy to check it out and let you know if it will work!

    When Emailing, please list the name of your Recipe.

    Please remember to double check your spelling! All text will be copy & pasted.

    Every cutting board is handmade in our workshop by us. Each board has been sanded smoothly and finished in our own Board Butter and is ready for use upon arrival. Both sides of the cutting board have been finished. Use one side of your board as a work surface & display your engraved side. This makes your treasured board both Beautiful & Functional.

     Please note: Due to the natural uniqueness of the wood, each piece will have slightly different grain characteristics.

    WE DO NOT:

    • Engrave pictures or borders.
    • Move words around on your recipe or add words to your recipe
    • Straighten or adjust the writing.
    • Remove flaws on your recipe.
    • Remove lines from the recipe (Additional Charge Grandma’s Recipe.)

    After ordering, send us a photo or scanned copy of your desired recipe in a message, labeling it with the recipe name to

    Proper care of this Cherished Heirloom will last for generations to come. 

    Care instructions are included with your board. 

    Handcrafted in St. Albert, Alberta  

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